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All our resources are written by teachers.

Why share?

Making resources takes time. Why not be rewarded for it? Share your resources and, if you have even one published, you’ll earn:

  • a free annual subscription
  • royalties twice a year (once they reach £20 or more)
  • opportunities to take part in specially commissioned projects, both for Teachit and our publishing partners.

It takes a matter of minutes to register as a Teachit contributor and to start uploading resources.


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How Teachit works

All our resources are written, shared and checked by teachers. Find out more about our editorial policy.


You upload your resources

We check and format them, adding images where necessary

They're published for all to share

How do I submit resources?

Go to our Share resources page and register as a contributor. You’ll need to upload your resources on this page too.

What are the benefits of submitting my resources?

As soon as you have a resource published, you’ll gain free access to everything on the site. You’ll also start to accrue royalties on your resources, which are paid twice a year. See the section below on Royalties for more information.

How long will it take for my resources to be published?

We have a small content team and lots of resources to work with (thanks to our generous contributors!), so it may take some time for your resources to be published. You’ll get an email when a resource is published, or if we decide not to publish one of your resources.

Will you definitely publish my resources?

We aim to publish as many resources as possible but there will be occasions when we can’t. The most common reasons for a resource not being published are:

  • we already have similar content on the site
  • some or all of the content is copyrighted
  • it’s not a priority area for us at the moment.
How often do I need to submit resources?

You’ll need to share resources at least twice a year to keep your key contributor status, which gives you free access to the site.

What sort of resources should I submit?

We prefer resources in Word or PowerPoint format, and Excel where appropriate. 

What will happen to my resources after they’ve been submitted?

A member of our content team (all qualified teachers) will review them and the activities may be tweaked or differentiated and teaching notes added. Quotes/facts will also be checked. The resources will then go to our design team to make sure they're presented in the most student-friendly way.

The resources then go back to the content team for final checks before being published.

How long will my resources stay on your site?

Your resources will remain on the site for as long as they are relevant and applicable to the curriculum and specifications. We want to make sure all the resources on our site are useful to teachers, so any content that is out of date or not suited to a specification may be archived.

Is there anything I should avoid when creating my resources?

We have to adhere to strict copyright rules so please avoid including any of the following content in your resources:

  • images or photos that you don’t have permission to use
  • content that has been taken from elsewhere, either published books or online
  • newspaper articles
  • extracts from books which are still in copyright.

We don’t usually include student-style answers within resources and we don’t publish schemes of work.

If I have resources published on Teachit, can I also publish them elsewhere?

No. By signing our Copyright and Royalties agreement you are agreeing that the content you’re submitting will only be published on Teachit sites.

What sort of activities should I include in my resources?

We like to publish resources which are student focused with a mix of creative activities. We publish a range of resources to suit different teaching and learning styles, and we love to see new approaches to classic classroom activities!

Please also check our priority list which can be found at the top of the submit form. This will tell you the topics or areas we are keen to receive resources for.


How often will I receive royalties?

Royalties are paid twice a year if you have accrued £20 (if based in the UK), or £100 if overseas.

How will my royalties be paid?

They will be paid via PayPal by Sandbox Networks Inc. You’ll get an email from us in advance letting you know how much you will receive.

How are royalties calculated?

Royalties are paid twice a year and amount to 15% of total subscription revenue for the site. This is divided up between all contributors for all resources, so you will receive a proportion of this, depending on how often your resources are viewed and used by other teachers on the site.

Are my royalties based on resource downloads?

Royalties are calculated on the number of views that your resource gets, not how many times the resource has been downloaded.