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We understand the unique challenges and rewards of educating your child at home and we're here to help. Whether you're new to home education or an experienced educator, our comprehensive resources, created by teachers, are here to support your home education journey.

Resources to support learners aged 5-11

To help you support your child’s learning at home, we have carefully curated a selection of downloadable teaching packs suitable for children in the key stage 1 and key stage 2 age range (ages 5-11). These resources complement learning objectives for this age group, are easy to use and help make learning engaging and effective.

Our teaching packs have been created by teachers and are designed for use in UK classrooms. However, these structured and well-resourced packs of lesson plans, learning activities and ready-to-use printable materials also make useful tools for home education. Each pack is priced individually or included with a Teachit Primary Premium subscription.

English — Reading

Reading at KS1

Develop key reading strategies and comprehension skills for learners aged 5-7 years olds.

Reading comprehension (lower KS2)

Develop understanding and enjoyment of stories and non-fiction with 7-9 year olds.

Reading comprehension (upper KS2)

Consolidate all-important comprehension skills in 9-11 year olds.

Raising reading skills (KS2)

Support children aged 9-11 with practising and consolidating their reading skills.

English — Writing

Writing non-fiction (lower KS2)

Support children with writing non-fiction using these resources and activities for ages 7-9.

Writing non-fiction (upper KS2)

Build non-fiction writing skills with ready-to-use resources and activities for learners aged 9-11.

Writing for different genres

Lesson plans, writing templates and worksheets to support learners aged 9-11 in writing for different text types.

Narrative writing

Hone all aspects of children's writing skills with this project-based narrative writing pack for ages 9-11.

English — Spelling and punctuation

Spelling at KS1

Creative ideas for teaching spelling strategies and rules for ages 5-7.

Spellings for year 3

Spelling lists, resources and strategies for teaching the National Curriculum statutory spellings for year 3/4 learners.

Spellings for year 5

Spelling lists, resources and strategies for teaching the National Curriculum statutory spellings for year 5/6 learners.

Punctuation at KS2

Animated clips, teaching ideas and printable resources for learning about punctuation at ages 7-11.


Fractions at KS1

Creative and practical fractions pack for learners aged 5-7.

Mastering multiplication

Creative games, worksheets and ready-to-use assessments for teaching and consolidating multiplication skills with learners aged 5-11.

Algebra at KS2

Engaging and practical ideas for teaching algebra to learners aged 9-11.

Challenging maths (upper KS2)

Worksheets, PowerPoints, innovative ideas and games for teaching maths concepts to learners aged 9-11.

Early years education

A flying start to phonics

Everything you need to support the teaching of phonics and help children on their way with sounds and reading.

Outdoor learning

Take learning outdoors with this pack of teaching ideas and resources designed by Forest School experts.

Are Teachit’s resources aligned with the National Curriculum?

Even though home educators are not legally required to follow the National Curriculum, using resources that do can help ensure a comprehensive and suitable education for children.

Teachit's resources are designed for UK teachers and aligned with the National Curriculum. For home educators looking to align with or be inspired by the National Curriculum, our resources provide a useful starting point and structure for learning.

How can Teachit's teaching packs help with home education?

Teachit's teaching packs are a useful resource for home education. Although they are designed primarily to be used in UK classrooms, each pack provides planned units of learning, which are fully resourced with ready-to-use worksheets, printables, and other resources. These packs are designed by experienced educators, ensuring that each unit of learning is engaging, comprehensive, and based on sound educational principles. Each pack is priced individually or included with a Teachit Primary Premium subscription.

Where can I find more support for home education?

A free membership with Teachit provides access to a comprehensive library of downloadable PDF teacher resources which can be used for home education. Teachit membership not only simplifies the teaching process by offering ready-made resources but also makes home education more diverse and engaging for your child. Sign up for free today.