Raising reading skills – teacher handbook and student workbook

Last updated: 18/07/2022
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Raising reading skills teacher handbook Raising reading skills student workbook
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Recent research shows that one in seven children will begin secondary school as a struggling reader (Martell, 2018).

This downloadable teaching pack aims to support upper KS2 children to practise and consolidate their reading skills in preparation for SATs and the transition to KS3. 

Based on practical, evidence-based reading comprehension strategies, Raising reading skills will develop children's reading fluency, building their confidence in - and enjoyment of - reading. 

The Raising reading skills teacher handbook - for experienced teachers, non-subject specialists and TAs - will take you through the 12-week programme step-by-step, with detailed lesson plans and practical CPD guidance on how and why these reading comprehension strategies work. 

The Raising reading skills workbook provides children with everything they need, including a range of engaging texts, classroom activities and worksheets. 

Lessons are devised for 1:1, small group and whole group booster sessions or as a complementary resource for English lessons. 

(Please note that Raising reading skills is based upon the KS3 English intervention pack, Fix it reading, and contains some of the same content.)

Key features:

  • The teacher's handbook includes 12 detailed lesson plans, starter and plenary ideas, homework tasks and evidence-based teaching notes and CPD guidance. 
  • The accompanying workbook includes carefully selected texts to engage developing readers, as well as worksheets and activities.
  • Includes fiction and non-fiction texts on a range of engaging themes, with extracts from accessible young adult novels like Home Ground and I, Coriander as well as graphic novels, news articles, websites, and fact sheets.

This is a sample from the student workbook:

Lesson objective:

Practise the skill of predicting and questioning to understand a more difficult text.

Understanding as you read a more difficult text.

  • Predictions are useful when you start reading.
  • You can keep predicting as you read through a text.
  • You might change your mind about a prediction as you read more of the text.

You will be reading some journal entries by Captain Robert Falcon Scott from a book called Scott’s Last Expedition for this activity.


What questions do you have after reading just the title?


What do you predict the text will be about?

Prior knowledge:

What do you already know about this subject?

Read the first paragraph on page 15

Review your first prediction – were you correct? What do you predict will happen next?


Draw three simple images to show what happened in the text.


Raising reading skills – teacher handbook and student workbook
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