'oe' word list activities

Last updated: 11/06/2024
'oe' word list activities
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These 'oe' word list resources include a spelling word list, adaptable flashcards and teaching ideas to support the teaching of the 'oe' sound for phonics education.

What's included

  • Free printable list of 14 'oe' words
  • Customisable 'oe' word flashcards ready for printing
  • Instructional advice and suggestions for activities.

‘oe’ words for phonics phase 5

The 'oe' sound is a phoneme found in words like 'toe', 'goes' and 'potatoes'. These words can be used in a variety of phonics activities to enhance children's pronunciation, spelling and reading abilities.

How to use ‘oe’ word list resources in the classroom

Use the 'oe' word list resources to improve children's understanding and recognition of the 'oe' sound. This could involve:

  1. Phonics bingo: Create a bingo card with 'oe' words. Call out the words and let the children mark them on their cards. This helps with word recognition and listening skills.
  2. Word puzzle: Create puzzles using 'oe' words. Children can solve these puzzles, enhancing their problem-solving skills while learning the 'oe' sound.
  3. Phonics storytelling: Ask children to write a short story using as many 'oe' words as possible. This enhances their writing skills and helps with the practical application of the 'oe' sound.

How to use ‘oe’ word list resources for home learning

The 'oe' word list is also a valuable tool for home learning. Enhance learning of the ‘oe’ sound with consistent reading and spelling practice, flashcard revision and writing exercises.

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‘oe’ sound word list:


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