'ow' word list activities

Last updated: 22/05/2024
'ow' word list activities
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This handy 'ow' word list resource offers a collection of spelling words, flashcards, and teaching suggestions to support in teaching the 'ow' sound for phonics education.

What’s included

  • A printable list of 18 ‘ow’ words
  • Printable and adaptable ‘ow’ word flashcards
  • Teaching guides and activity proposals

‘ow’ words for phonics phase 3

The 'ow' sound is a common phoneme seen in words like 'how', 'down', and 'brown'. These words can be used in a range of phonics activities to assist children in enhancing their pronunciation, spelling, and reading skills.

How to use ‘ow’ word list resources in the classroom

Employ the 'ow' word list resources to boost children's comprehension and recognition of the 'ow' sound. This could involve:

  1. Word chain: Have children stand in a circle. One child says an 'ow' word, and the next child has to say a different 'ow' word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. This not only reinforces their understanding of the sound but also encourages thinking skills.
  2. Word mural: Encourage children to create a large wall mural using 'ow' words. This reinforces their spelling skills and promotes creativity.
  3. Word drama: Children can create short skits or scenes incorporating 'ow' words. This helps them to remember the words and is a fun, interactive activity.

How to use ‘ow’ word list resources for home learning

The 'ow' word list can also be a valuable asset for home learning. Some ways to bolster learning of the ‘ow’ sound include daily reading and spelling practice, flashcard revision, and writing exercises.

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