Teachit Talks - CPD videos from education experts

Teachit Talks is a series of free, on-demand CPD webinars from experts in the field of education. Download these 30-minute videos and their accompanying PowerPoints to watch at a time that suits you.

Topics include metacognition, self-regulation, oracy, student mental health and wellbeing, interdisciplinary literacy, EDI, SEND, transition, feedback and curriculum development. Whether you teach in the primary or secondary sector, there's a CPD video for you.


Teachit Talks 2023

13 webinars from leading practitioners and experts in revision, transition, classroom management, EAL, SEND and EDI.

Teachit Talks for MFL

Two webinars and a podcast on current themes in MFL by languages experts Jake Hunton, Joe Dale and Helen Myers.

Teachit Talks 2022

Six webinars from renowned advisors and writers in education, including those on wellbeing, metacognition and vocabulary teaching.

Teachit Talks for primary wellbeing

Andrew Cowley looks at how to embed wellbeing practices into classroom routines.

Teachit Talks 2021

Six webinars addressing the key themes in education, including student mental health, remote learning and assessment.