'au' word list activities

Last updated: 22/05/2024
'au' word list activities
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This 'au' word list resource includes a spelling words list, flashcards and teaching ideas to support the learning of words with the ‘au’ sound for phase 5 phonics.

What’s included?

  • Printable list of 12 ‘au’ words (available as a FREE PDF)
  • Printable and editable ‘au’ word flashcards
  • Teaching notes and activity ideas

‘au’ words for phase 5 phonics

The 'au' sound is a unique phoneme pronounced as /ɔ:/, similar to the sound you make when you say 'aw' in 'paw'. They often provide a challenge to spellers as they combine the vowel sounds 'a' and 'u' to create a single sound. Some common examples of 'au' sound words include 'author', 'dinosaur', and 'haunt'. These words can be used in various phonics activities to help children improve their pronunciation, spelling, and reading skills.

How to use ‘au’ word list resources in the classroom

In the classroom, use the 'au' word list resources to boost children's understanding and recognition of the 'au' sound. This might include:

  1. Regular practice — a daily practice of reading and spelling 'au' words creates a routine that helps solidify the sound and its spelling in children's memory.
  2. Interactive reading — read out loud and ask students to listen for the 'au' sound. When they hear it, they can stand up or raise their hand. This interaction makes learning fun and engaging.
  3. Spelling tests — use the 'au' word list for weekly spelling tests to test children's memory and their understanding of the 'au' sound.

How to use ‘au’ word list resource for home learning

The 'au' word list can also be an effective tool for home learning. Some ways to reinforce learning of the ‘au’ sound include daily reading and spelling practice, flashcard revision and writing practice.

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‘au’ sound word list:


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