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Library and research skills

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Slash and trash
 (1) | Comments (1) | Preview
A useful technique to help students take notes from written sources  … read more
KS3 | Skills
Download Slash and trash in Word formatDownload Slash and trash in PDF format
Library guide
 (2) | Preview
Perfect for a library lesson. Write a helpful guide to the school  … read more
KS3 | Skills
Download Library guide  in Word formatDownload Library guide  in PDF format
Using the internet to do research
 (2) | Preview
A detailed lesson plan and accompanying poem to help students  … read more
KS3 | Skills
Download Using the internet to do research  in Word formatDownload Using the internet to do research  in PDF format
Library Quest!
13 questions to answer in the library  … read more
KS3 | Skills
Download Library Quest! in Word formatDownload Library Quest! in PDF format

This way for:

Advertise me! is a fun resource and is particularly useful for emphasising the importance of audience. You could take in a variety of books as visual aids and ask pupils who they think the audience is for those books.

Emma Robinson, KS3 Intervention Manager 



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