Key Stage 5 English Language – Language acquisition 

Language acquisition resources 

These resources are for the Child Language Acquisition topic included on most specifications.These will include materials for teaching a range of different ideas about CLA, and lively data of children using language in real contexts.

Language acquisition units

The specialist Teachit Language units below are now accessible on the same basis as all our other resources. Find out more here.

Tiddler talk

Tiddler talk: a unit to help explore what happens in the earlier stages of Child Language Acquisition.

Little Evie

Little Evie: a child language acquisition data pool to splash around in.

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo: video data for exploring children's early reading and writing.


Technonanny: a caregiver's observations of two young children, recorded by linguist Alison Ross in her Technonanny blog.

Tom's Busy Day

Tom's Busy Day: activities based around three audio recordings of a 2-year-old boy called Tom.