Key Stage 5 English Language – Language change

Language change resources 

These resources are for teaching the many aspects of contemporary and historical language change that are covered by the different specifications. Some cross referencing to other resource areas is likely to be useful for contemporary change, as schemes such as Language and technology and Language and gender may also contain useful resources for this topic.

Language change units

The specialist Teachit Language units below are now accessible on the same basis as all our other resources. Find out more here.


OMG!!!: A series of resources which focus on technology texts and language. Includes a webpages and MSN chat video.

Caxton's Eggs

The Caxton’s Eggs resources form a unit of work for language change, focusing on standardisation, and particularly the standardisation of spelling.


Tart: a mini-investigation into how young people use the word, with the full OED entry for the word for comparison and exploration of contemporary language change.

Text in context

Texts in Context: a set of A5 cards with short excerpts of texts from the British Library Learning site for exploring language change over time.

Time travel with Trevor

Time travel with Trevor: exploring the changing sound of English.