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Literacy placemat
 (8) | Preview
A differentiated AFL checklist for writing, which encourages  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Skills
Download Literacy placemat in Word formatDownload Literacy placemat in PDF format
Coping cards
 (1) | Preview
A handy template for students to use when doing timed or independent  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Skills
Download Coping cards in Word formatDownload Coping cards in PDF format
Writing checklists
 (4) | Preview
A collection of pupil or teacher ticklists for writing, including  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Skills
Download Writing checklists in Word formatDownload Writing checklists in PDF format

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 I stumbled upon Group work role cards when looking for a suitable Speaking and Listening task in my first year of teaching, and haven't stopped using them since. Fantastic resource, used time and time again!

Nicola-Ingrid Chidlow, English Teacher 



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