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Homophone holiday
 (4) | Preview
Students insert the correct homophone. A useful worksheet that  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Skills
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Exploring homophones
 (2) | Comments (1) | Preview
A quick introductory, starter or trouble-shooting resource, focusing  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Skills
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Practising with prefixes
 (3) | Preview
Students look at the prefixes 'un' and 'dis' and practise using  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Skills
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Homophone Snap!
 (10) | Preview
A quick starter game to introduce common homophones to students.  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Skills
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Plurals rule!
 (8) | Preview
The essential rules for plural spellings, with a card game to  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Skills
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 (1) | Comments (1) | Preview
Lots of suggestions for word and spelling focused games with  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Skills
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The beginning and the end
 (4) | Comments (1) | Preview
This fun spelling game uses common word beginnings and endings  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Skills
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Exploring suffixes
 (2) |
Students select the right suffix for –ible and –able words,  … read more
KS3 KS4 | Skills
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 I stumbled upon Group work role cards when looking for a suitable Speaking and Listening task in my first year of teaching, and haven't stopped using them since. Fantastic resource, used time and time again!"

Nicola-Ingrid Chidlow, English Teacher 



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Year 9 curriculum pack: Journeys 

Devised for the Key Stage 3 curriculum (2014)


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