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AQA A Lang/Lit exam preparation

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Essay technique (ELLA2: Section B)
 (2) | Preview
Advice about planning and writing an essay on Othello for AQA  … read more
KS5 | Language and Literature
Download Essay technique (ELLA2: Section B)  in Word formatDownload Essay technique (ELLA2: Section B)  in PDF format

New KS5 resources

Students alway enjoy anything with the word quiz in it and Text 26 multiple choice quiz doesn't disappoint. Put students into groups and allow them to discuss the three possible answers to these 14 open questions. 

Emma Litterick, Teaching and Learning Coordinator 


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Latest resources

Making comparisons
AQA B - (ELLB1F) Anthology - Food Glorious Food

Text 22 - 'A Modest Proposal'
AQA B - (ELLB1F) Anthology - Food Glorious Food

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Once by Morris Gleitzman

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