Key Stage 3 Prose resources

From the oh so popular texts (Holes, we're looking at you) to the more obscure (how many of you are teaching The Breadwinner?),  there's a vast range of prose resources to choose from. There's also a selection of resources specially written for New Windmills texts including Artemis FowlThe Other Side of Truth and Millions among others.

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Resource templates

Take the pain out of planning with our super duper templates. Masks, snakes and ladders, inference rectangles and top trumps are just some of the gems in this library!


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Buddy’s letter provides an opportunity for students to redraft and edit a letter by hand. It is always interesting to note the empathy that some of the students have for Buddy, and this can come across as a desire to ‘punish’ Buddy’s mother."  

Fran Nantongwe, Literacy and English Lead