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New funded NPQs

Scholarship funding now means that state schools in England can take advantage of the eight new National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) for free.

Ambition Institute is also excited to announce that a new NPQ in Leading Literacy and an NPQ in Early Years Leadership are launching this autumn, providing more professional development options for teachers and leaders.

All our NPQs are designed to provide a ‘golden thread’ through every stage of a teacher’s career. Classroom teachers to leaders of multiple schools all build and develop their practice from the same evidence-based framework.

Each of Ambition’s NPQs are:

  • Designed to fit around your schedule.
  • Focused on what you need to know in your role.
  • Delivered ‘little and often’ so you get better faster.
  • Designed to no longer include any project work.

Ambition is a DfE-accredited NPQ provider with the next cohort starting this autumn.

Ambition Institute

Specialist NPQs for teachers

Four new specialist NPQs are now available including the new NPQ in Leading Literacy.

Your professional development no longer has to be focused on ‘moving up’ into leadership roles. These specialist NPQs help teachers to focus on developing and deepening specific knowledge and skills in their current role or interests.

  • NPQ in Leading Teaching
  • NPQ in Leading Behaviour and Culture
  • NPQ in Leading Teacher Development
  • NPQ in Leading Literacy

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The leadership NPQs

The reformed leaderships NPQs now include a new course specifically for Early Years leaders.

Each of these NPQs maps out what best practice means for leadership. They now provide practical examples linked to your school’s needs, and devote more attention to the knowledge and skills school leaders need to tackle persistent problems in their day-to-day roles.

  • NPQ in Early Years Leadership
  • NPQ in Senior Leadership
  • NPQ in Headship (includes an additional offer for new headteachers)
  • NPQ in Executive Leadership

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About us

Ambition Institute is a national education charity. Our evidence-based professional development programmes support educators at every stage – from early career teachers through to CEOs leading multiple schools, and all the crucial teaching and leadership roles in between.

We help schools tackling educational disadvantage to keep getting better, and help their teachers and school leaders to become more expert over time. That’s how we’ll make sure every child gets a great education and the best possible start in life.