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Adapt from Collins

Adaptive learning for primary and secondary schools

  • Helps education recovery
  • Support every learner and build confidence with a truly adaptive learning experience
  • Learning with Adapt improves knowledge at every session
  • Improve outcomes and engagement for your whole class and measure the impact – without having to change how you teach


Available for primary maths, KS3 and GCSE Maths, Science, History and Geography

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Discover what schools are saying about Adapt

“From my point of view, one of the main benefits of the platform is that it won’t allow students to move on until they’ve got it right. I’m not that interested in the score they get at the end, it’s about knowing that they are secure in their learning.... Some of our students struggled with this, and became frustrated because they kept getting it wrong, and that meant they had to keep going. This goes to the heart of what it means to be a resilient learner: developing that perseverance and determination.”
Sarah Tame, Head of Science, Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

“Students are having to think about the answers: it’s not just a memory exercise; they have to reflect on whether the response will be accepted, and if not, why not... Collins Adapt shifts the focus away from speed, and doing as many questions as possible, to taking your time, and getting it right. One of the biggest issues across the school is resilience and grit, and getting them to engage and persevere beyond the ‘I don’t get it’.”
Rob Morse, Assistant Headteacher and Science teacher, St James Exeter School