20 ideas for quick and easy displays

Author: Teachit's editorial team
Published: 17/08/2020

An image of a classroom display

  1. Dynamic word walls. Cut out key terms and subject words using different fonts, different-coloured card and different sizes. Laminate for longevity and stick Blu Tack on the back for an ever-changing display that allows you to foreground new vocabulary. Get students involved too – they can make their own displays. To save you time, create a few labels with words you often write on the board (title, learning objective and anything else you may use regularly) so you can stick these up instead of writing them out every lesson.
  2. Make a magic whiteboard. Use magic whiteboard paper and different-coloured electrical tape to create different areas or zones for students to write on the walls.
  3. Proud clouds or hall of fame. Create a display that enables you to celebrate different students’ work and achievements.
  4. Key word cut-out. Using a shape which is relevant for a topic, text, concept or theme in your subject, encourage students to write key words, terms, questions/answers on colourful cut-outs. Display these shapes together for maximum impact. You could use this at the beginning of term for students to record their hopes, plans or goals for the year (with a dream, balloon or ball shape, for example).
  5. Vocab or learning pockets. If you have lots of key words for a topic which students need to learn, create interactive displays using bags, envelopes or boxes which are hung on the walls of your classroom containing new vocabulary. Alternatively, attach folders with useful reference material, revision mats, self-assessment sheets or lucky-dip extension activities, etc. Include a pocket for each day of the week with worksheets from that day’s lesson. If students have been absent, they can collect the sheets they have missed without having to ask you for this work.
  6. What kind of…? For a super quick display at the start of term which will give you a lot of insights, create a display which asks ‘What kind of teacher do you want?’ and ‘What kind of learner will I be?’. Encourage students to write down their ideas on different-coloured post-it notes. 
  7. Learning timeline. Create a timeline for the year on one wall quickly and easily using electrical tape. Display students’ work along the timeline, as a way to showcase their learning throughout the year.
  8. Sound management. Create a display which shows the different volume levels you’d like in your classroom (silence, whisper/spy-talk, table talk, whole class, etc.). You’ll be able to point easily to show students your expectations for each activity.
  9. Paper doll chain bunting. Students could create their own and decorate or add key words or facts associated with key historical figures, characters or experts in your topic or subject area.
  10. Image bunting. Print off book covers or key images which are relevant in your subject area and get students to make bunting flags from the images.

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Teachit's editorial team