French native speaker. Have lived in the UK 40 years - been a teacher for 33 years. Taught French in 3 Primary schools for over 30 years - cut down to 2 - only 1 from September 2021 as I near retirement - Year 3 to Year 6. Have lots of resources - taken from various sources + loads I created myself. Love teaching in a fun and creative way - best way for the students to learn and develop a love for languages learning.

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Have been teaching for 33 years - French in Primary + some tutoring for GCSE & A level. Passionate about teaching languages - as I keep telling my pupils : languages open doors - give you choices as to where to live & work in the world. Have loads of resources I created - planning to retire this December (2021) - will be sharing more then as hopefully they will be of help to other teachers of French :-) I di retire in December 2021 & have moved back to France. Will start sharing soon :-)
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