Digital wellbeing guide for students

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Digital wellbeing guide for students
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Help students navigate an increasingly digital world with this student guide for developing digital wellbeing skills.

The activities and checklist in this guide aim to help students build the skills and understanding to interact with the digital world in a balanced and mindful manner.

What's included

  • Printable checklist and worksheets
  • Tips and advice on digital mindfulness and wellness
  • Reflection activities and prompts.

How to use this student guide

Form tutors can use the activities and printables to address digital wellbeing during tutor time sessions, or send it home with students. These reflective writing activities could also be used in KS3 or KS4 English lessons.

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Tips for mindful screen use

  1. Set screen time boundaries: Establish specific time limits for screen use each day. Use apps or device settings to track and manage your usage effectively. You can also limit time spent on particular apps if you feel that you sometimes get drawn in for too long.   
  2. Introduce digital-free zones: Designate certain areas or times in your home where screens are not allowed to improve your focus and productivity, as well as stimulate your creativity. 

Review your screen time. How do you feel about the total amount of time spent on your device or certain apps? Reflect thoughtfully and honestly. What solutions can you think of to potentially lessen your screen time or maintain moderate usage?

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