End of year memory book project

Last updated: 12/06/2024
End of year memory book project
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This end-of-year memory book project is a multi-page template that allows students to reflect on their yearly progress, celebrate achievements, and create keepsakes, making it an ideal activity for end-of-year lessons or tutor sessions.

What’s included

  • Free printable PDF 10-page memory book templates, plus cover page
  • Editable version with detailed instructions and teacher’s notes (subscribers only)

Memory book activities in this project

  1. Monthly memories. Students write a memory for each month of the year. Prompt them to think about seasonal holidays, special events and things they learned.
  2. Thank you letter. Students write a thank you letter to someone who helped them this year, give two reasons why they are thankful, use descriptive words and draw an illustration.
  3. Goals and proud moments. Students write their goals for the summer and proud moments of the year using prompts including, 'This year I learned…', 'I am proud that…' and 'Next year I am excited to...’.
  4. Start and end of the year Venn diagram. Students complete a Venn diagram with things about themselves at the start of the year, how they have grown or changed and things that stayed the same in the middle.
  5. This or that. Students choose which they prefer from 16 ‘this or that’ categories and write one sentence explaining why.
  6. My summer plans. Students write about their hopes or plans for the summer holidays and describe their ideal summer.
  7. My teacher. Students answer questions about their teacher (or tutor) and draw a picture of them. They could give this to the teacher as a gift.
  8. Interview a friend. Students interview a friend writing their answers to the questions before drawing a picture of them.
  9. Summer poem. Students create an acrostic poem about summer, adding one word or short phrase for each letter.
  10. Notes from my friends. There is a section at the end for students to have their friends, classmates and/or tutor group sign their memory book.

How to use this school memory book project

This memory book project can be used as a comprehensive end-of-year activity during classroom sessions or tutor time. It is suitable for KS2 or KS3 students.

Here are a few ways to incorporate this resource into your teaching:

  • Dedicated sessions: Allocate specific sessions for students to work on their memory books. This could be during a designated 'reflection' session, where students can work on it collectively and share their thoughts and memories with each other.
  • Homework assignments: Assign different sections of the memory book as homework. This allows the students to reflect and work on their memory book at their own pace.
  • Tutor time: Use the memory book during tutor time as a fun and reflective activity. Tutors can facilitate discussions based on the memory book activities, allowing students to share their reflections, achievements, and goals.
  • End of year celebration: Once completed, the memory books can be shared in a classroom exhibition or during a special end-of-year celebration. This can create a sense of community and shared experience amongst the students.

The key is to create an environment where students feel safe and encouraged to share their experiences and reflections.

Looking for more like this?

For year 6 leavers, this three-page ‘moving on’ memory book printable is great for allowing them to reflect on their time at school and collect those all-important autographs and notes from their friends.

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