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Last updated: 15/03/2024
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Leaflet template
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This leaflet template provides a structured way for students to develop their writing skills, with versions offering varying amounts of space for pictures and text, aiding in the development of visual communication, summarising, and planning skills.

What’s included

  • FREE blank leaflet template (download PDF)
  • Editable leaflet templates including a blank template, a picture-focused template and a writing-focused template.

How to use these leaflet templates

The leaflet template with more space for pictures and some lines for writing is ideal for younger students or those who are more visually inclined. This template allows learners to express their ideas through drawings or diagrams, with some written content to explain or enhance the visuals. It can also be used in activities where the emphasis is on visual communication.

The leaflet template with more space for writing and some space for pictures is useful for focusing more on writing skills, with pictures used as a supplement. This can be ideal for older students, or activities where the emphasis is on the written content. It can also help students learn to summarise and express their ideas succinctly, as the space for writing is limited.

The blank leaflet template can be used to fully test and stretch students’ creativity and planning skills. With no pre-set sections, they have the freedom to structure their leaflet in any way they wish. It is a good tool for advanced learners or a more challenging activity.

How can leaflets develop writing skills?

Leaflet templates are beneficial tools for developing writing skills across key stages. They offer a clear structure for students to follow, which can assist them in arranging their thoughts and ideas. By using headings and subheadings in the templates, students can learn to write precisely and with purpose.

The visual aspect of leaflets draws in students and inspires creativity. Encouraging them to use pictures, diagrams, and other visual aids can enhance their written work.

Creating leaflets also teaches students about the significance of writing with a specific audience and purpose in mind, building persuasive and informative writing skills.

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