The Olympic Games quiz

Last updated: 30/05/2024
Olympics quiz
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This Olympic Games quiz is a fun and engaging way to spice up registration and tutor time while also fitting perfectly into Olympics-themed lessons.

What's included

  • Olympics quiz PowerPoint with four rounds: General trivia, Sports, Athletes, and Olympic history, complete with questions and answers.

How to use this Olympics game quiz

  • Primary teachers can use this quiz to make learning about the Olympics fun and interactive, integrating it into lesson plans or using it as a standalone activity to test students' knowledge.
  • Secondary form tutors can use this quiz during registration or tutor time to keep students engaged and promote a competitive, yet friendly, environment.

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Here's a sample round from the quiz:

Round 1: General Trivia

  1. In which year were the first modern Olympic games held?

  2. In which city will the 2024 Olympics take place?

  3. What do the five Olympic rings represent?

  4. Which country has won the most gold medals in history?

  5. What is the motto of the Olympic games?

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