UEFA Euro 2024 report-writing worksheet

Last updated: 27/05/2024
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UEFA Euro 2024 report-writing worksheet
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Centred around the Men's UEFA Euro 2024, this worksheet guides students in writing a sports report, building skills in identifying exciting phrases and structuring their report. Perfect for incorporating a football theme into your lessons.

What’s included

  • Free printable report-writing worksheet based on the Men’s UEFA Euro 2024
  • Editable version (for subscribers) to adapt or customise

How to use this UEFA Euro report-writing worksheet

Suitable for KS2 and early KS3, this worksheet is an excellent tool for teaching report-writing skills, centred around a real-world, engaging topic: the Men’s UEFA Euro 2024.

There are two sample articles about the same fictional game at the Euro 2024. Read the articles, discuss the differences in language and have children highlight phrases and words that are used to create excitement. Children can create a work bank using these articles and additional sports reports online.

The planning grid provided helps children organise their ideas for their own sports reports, considering the headline, the timing and location of the event, the participants, the outcome, and any quotes. Once the reports are planned, children can write their final copies to send to the ‘editor’ (the teacher) and peer review each other providing an opportunity for constructive feedback.

This activity not only improves students' report writing skills but also their ability to identify and use engaging language. It's a great way to bring a real-world context into the classroom and make English lessons more engaging.

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