Obdachlosigkeit- ein Problem unserer Zeit

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Sue R
Obdachlosigkeit- ein Problem unserer Zeit
Main Subject
Key stage
Global issues: Poverty and homelessness
Resource type
Vocabulary learning

A well-structured resource for GCSE German on the social issue of homelessness.

The series of exercises consists of the following tasks:

  • matching English and German vocabulary
  • unjumbling German sentences and matching them to English translations
  • reading short interviews in which people give their opinions on homelessness
  • translating sentences into German
  • gap filling English and German translations
  • answering comprehension questions 
  • translating paragraphs from German to English and from English to German.

The reading comprehension questions are in English, as per the 2024 specifications.

An extract from the resource:

7. Translate this text into German.

I have lived here for 15 years. In my town there are many homeless people. It is a disgrace, but I try to help. I work as a volunteer, and I buy these people a coffee or a sandwich when I can.

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