French Christmas music quiz

Last updated: 15/11/2023
French Christmas music quiz
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A light-hearted French Christmas quiz that's sure to appeal to anyone who likes music. It's great for recapping the topic of festivals and celebrations, music vocabulary and opinion expressions.

There are four types of question (three of each):

  1. What’s the French Christmas song or carol called in English?
  2. Find the missing French word in the song lyrics. 
  3. What’s the correct English translation of the sentence about Christmas music
  4. Identify the instrument, in French, from the picture.

Multiple-choice options are provided for question types 2–4.

Students don't need to know the French songs to be able to answer the questions, but where hearing the music can provide a clue, they have the opportunity to listen to the song on YouTube.

One of the questions from the quiz:

Question 2:

In the song ‘Petit Papa Noël’, what rhymes with ‘Noël’ in this line?

‘Quand tu descendras du _______’

A. ciel   B. sel   C: miel

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