French A-level listening comprehension: Les femmes au cinéma

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Rosie Monnington
French A-level listening comprehension: Les femmes au cinéma
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Social trends: Gender equality
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Vocabulary learning

This authentic listening resource has been written for A-level students of French studying the theme of artistic culture in France, in particular the cinema. It is based on a YouTube video about the underrepresentation of women in the film industry, as actors and as directors, and makes a great activity for International Women's Day on 8 March.

Learners can access the YouTube video clip independently and use the worksheet to extend their vocabulary and comprehension. Answers are included.

An extract from the comprehension questions:

4. Pourquoi finance-t-on plus de films réalisés par des hommes que par des femmes ? (1 point)

5. Pour améliorer la position des femmes dans le monde du cinéma, qu’est-ce que le test Bechdel exige d’un film? (3 points)

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