Creative revision ideas for students

Author: Teachit's editorial team
Published: 17/08/2020
  1. SWOT. Get students to do their own SWOT analysis of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities prior to starting their revision so that they target the areas they know least well.

  2. Recall revision. In an exam, students will often need to retrieve information that they have memorised. Students can practise this by reading through their notes first, then hiding them. They then write down everything they can remember from their notes on an A4 sheet. Doing this after each ‘revision session’ can really help with fact retrieval. 

  3. Revision wheels or learning fans. Using a split pin and a word wheel or fan template online, students can make their own.

  4. Revision game templates. Mix it up with some fun activities. Try bingo, domino cards, taboo or Top Trumps templates (search Teachit for flexible templates you can adapt). 

  5. Decorate a chair, table or window. Using sticky notes and any props or equipment you have at hand, encourage students in groups to write down everything they can remember about a topic, question, theme, etc. Wetwipe glass pens can be bought fairly cheaply so students can collaborate on a revision window, or use magic whiteboard paper. 

  6. Make a fortune teller. Add questions on the outside and answers on the flaps, or key themes and key words, etc. Encourage students to test each other.

  7. Experiment with mind maps. There are hundreds of different layouts and options for mind maps – encourage students to try a range of different templates and interactive tools, from Bullseyes to Venn diagrams (search Teachit for flexible templates you can adapt).

  8. Adapt a game. Encourage students to make their own version of a traditional game. Stick questions on to Jenga blocks – if students select a block, they have to answer the question. Encourage students to create a draught board with questions on each chequered square, or make a subject-specific version of Blockbusters or Trivial Pursuit, etc.

  9. Doodles. Arty students might enjoy making illustrated versions of their revision notes – with Tom Gates or graffiti-style doodles, notes and key words. 

  10. Animate. Create revision animations and cartoons with sound using apps and online tools like Vyond, Telligami or Pixton.

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Teachit's editorial team

Teachit's editorial team