Teachers' wellbeing: the importance of self-care

Author: Jo Barwell
Published: 22/11/2022

Wellbeing resources for your work life

We don't pretend that we can resolve workload issues, alleviate concerns about students or fix the myriad of issues that may be keeping you awake at night. However, these 10 golden rules for mental health wellbeing from Andy Sammons, a Head of Department and author of The Compassionate Teacher, are a great reminder of steps we can all take to build resilience and prevent burnout. Based on his own experience, Andy shares some simple but sage advice, including understanding your workflow and knowing your outlets. And on the subject of resilience, this PowerPoint, Building your resilience: CPD for teachers, focuses on the small ways we can build our resilience through everyday actions and includes an overview of some of the common warning signs that your resilience is low, as well as ideas and strategies you can use when you are under pressure.  

As we know, managing your time and your workload effectively is essential to wellbeing.  Our new Teachers' time and task management guide features actionable ideas and strategies to help teachers make more of their time, including handy templates and goal-setting techniques.

Teacher and education blogger Victoria Hewett shares her wellbeing tips – including learning to say no to both others and to yourself – in her resource 20 ideas to improve teacher wellbeing in schools. These simple and practical strategies can be used to support yourself and your colleagues. 

Wellbeing resources for your homelife

It can be easy to dismiss self-care as a fad or, paradoxically, as just another thing on your to-do list but it's vital to prioritise it and remember it comes in many guises. Our new resource, Teachers' wellbeing guide is full of tips and templates to help implement self-care practice into daily life. From getting better sleep to making sure you book and attend medical appointments, the suggestions are designed to help you develop healthier habits and maintain your wellbeing as a matter of course.

Mindfulness has been a real buzzword for the past few years and our Teachers' wellbeing journal is full of techniques, advice and activities to help you incorporate mindfulness into your wellbeing practice. The journal includes guidance, mood trackers, daily and weekly journal pages and colouring sheets. Whether you're new to mindfulness or a seasoned pro, there's something in it for you. 

And finally, Top 20 wellness quotes for teachers are a set of posters designed to sit alongside our wellbeing guides. While we won’t pretend that wellness starts with a set of motivational quote posters, we hope that these quotes provide some moments of inspiration on gloomy or tough days. Print and display them at home or school or tuck them into your teacher planner or binder. 

Jo Barwell

Senior Content Lead