These free resources have been designed to support your teaching of the AQA specification and cover a range of options.

Find lesson plans, practice exam questions, worksheets and other classroom activities for GCSE.


Health and the people

Topics include:

• the work of Edward Jenner
• the impact of war on public health
• the Black Death.

Elizabethan England


• problems faced by Elizabeth
• the Northern Rebellion
• the Elizabethan poor law.

Conflict and tension in Asia


• the Korean War
• the Vietnam War.

Norman England

Resources include those for:

• the Norman Church
• William's problems
• change and continuity after the Conquest.

America 1840-1895

This collection includes:

• the American Civil War
• Reconstruction
• representations of Lincoln.

Germany 1890-1945

This AQA option looks at:

• Nazi social policy.