AQA Science resources

These free resources have been designed to support your teaching of the AQA specification and cover a range of science topics, including maths skills in science.

Find lesson plans, practice exam questions, worksheets and other classroom activities for the AQA GCSE specification, and worksheets and interactive games for AQA's key stage 3 syllabus.


Maths skills

Practise key maths with these great presentations, including:

• graphs
• algebra
• significant figures
• averages.


A 6-week lesson plan on Biomimicry including:

• glowing in the dark
• nanotechnology
• the bombardier beetle
• graph drawing.

KS3 collection

A collection of resources that match the key stage 3 AQA syllabus:

• chemical reactions
• plant reproduction
• the atmosphere
• the role of cells.