Celebrating Black History

Author: Jo Barwell
Published: 01/08/2022

Setting the scene

Our new KS2 Black History Month reading comprehension is a differentiated resource written to support children's understanding of the origins of Black History Month, the reasons behind it, and the ways in which we celebrate it. The text comes with two sets of questions and extension questions to challenge children's thinking.

If you're looking for something to help you integrate Black History across the curriculum, this Black British History year planner provides a comprehensive list of web links relating to significant black British figures and events. 

Inspirational people

This Rosa Parks biography and comprehension comes in versions for KS1 and KS2 and includes a comprehension, a role-play activity and a writing task to get children thinking about civil rights. 

This Martin Luther King storyboard - in which children order and illustrate key events - is a great way to introduce your KS2 class to the great American civil rights activist. Or you may like this Nelson Mandela biography and timeline - a differentiated resource for year 3 or 4. If you'd like your year 5 or 6 class to undertake some of their own research, this Martin Luther King web research task is just the thing. 

Our Peaceful protest - persuasive speech resource is the perfect follow-up to a lesson on one of these inspirational figures. It draws on Martin Luther King's desire to further his cause with non-violent methods and challenges children to write a speech advocating for peaceful protest. 

For a look at the achievements of a more contemporary figure, this popular Lewis Hamilton biography and comprehension includes references to 'The Hamilton Commission' which aims to encourage more young black people to study STEM. Or you may prefer this biography of Barak Obama which features a range of activities for KS2. 

For more Black History Month resources, see our curated collection. For further information, biographies and news, see blackhistorymonth.org.uk.


This article was published as Editor's pick on 18 September 2022.

Jo Barwell

Senior Content Lead