Teaching spelling? Find spelling resources for KS1 and KS2

English spelling rules are a minefield but our downloadable spelling worksheets, games and teaching packs are here to help. Here you'll find spelling lists, guidance and spelling activities for spelling patterns and common exception words as outlined in the National Curriculum. 

Pick from the most popular spelling topics below or follow the link to see all our spelling resources in one place.  


Have you seen our spelling packs?

You may also want to try our spelling packs, Spelling at KS1Spellings for year 3Spellings for year 4 and Spellings for year 5. Our key stage 1 spelling pack contains teaching guidance, spelling tips, spelling activities and resources for in-class learning and spelling practice. Our key stage 2 spelling packs contain spelling rules, weekly word lists and worksheets, and are intended for use either in class or for home learning.