Writing for different text types and genres

Equip your KS1 or KS2 class with the skills to analyse and write fiction and non-fiction in different styles and for different purposes,  text types and writing genres.

Our downloadable activities will help children to identify a range of text structures and their language features and to use them in their own writing. These include: narrative texts (including fairy tales and other traditional tales), persuasive texts, explanatory texts, newspaper reports, diaries, playscripts, informative texts, non-chronological reports, instructional texts and recounts. 

Simply choose your text type and filter by key stage.


Have you seen our writing packs?

If you're looking for comprehensive resource packs to develop writing skills, look no further. Try Writing non-fiction (lower KS2) or Writing non-fiction (upper KS2) to practise key skills for writing a range of non-fiction genres. For intervention resources, try Fix it writing which aims to identify and 'fix' problems in children's writing. For grammar, punctuation and spelling packs, head to our GPS collection