Cracking Christmas quiz

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Cracking Christmas quiz
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Ideal for use in tutor time before the holidays, our cracking Christmas quiz consists of three rounds, ranging from the seriously taxing to the totally silly.

In round number one, students test their mental agility with the 1% Club. These maths and verbal reasoning puzzles get progressively harder, going from a question that 90% of people got right to one that only 1% of people could answer correctly. And just in case that wasn't challenging enough, there's a time limit! But fear not – quiz answers are included in the PowerPoint.

The second round is based on the TV game show Blockbusters and tests students' general knowledge of British Christmas traditions, including Christmas dinner items and Christmas decorations, as well as some fun facts about Christmas movies and Christmas songs. Teams race against the clock to guess the word from the first letter and the definition.

The third round, Xmas forfeits, will have students performing TikTok dances or hopping on one foot for a minute if they get the answers to the Christmas trivia questions wrong – guaranteed to make for a merry Christmas in the classroom!

One of the Christmas quiz questions from each round:

Round one:

5. In Santa’s grotto, it takes five elves five minutes to make five Christmas baubles. How long does it take 50 elves to make 50 baubles?

A. 50 minutes

B. 5 minutes

C. 1 hour 50 minutes

Round two:

4. Which word beginning with M is a yellow food item found under the icing on a Christmas cake?

Round three:

5. On what date do the twelve days of Christmas end?

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