The Woman in Black: EAL resource pack

Last updated: 20/12/2023
The Woman in Black: EAL resource pack
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This pack of resources, full of strategies and ideas for learners using EAL, will enable you to help them access the text of The Woman in Black. This includes the exploration of the main characters, identifying the key settings in the story and talking and writing about the story’s key themes. 

It is suitable for learners at KS4 who are at the Early Acquisition and Developing Competence stages of English language proficiency. The strategies used in this pack include dictogloss, substitution tables and jigsaw activities.

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A sample extract from the resource:

Setting descriptions

Match a photograph with a description

Arthur Kipps is the narrator of The Woman in Black. So, we see all the places that he describes through his eyes. The descriptions he gives us help us to imagine what each place looked like, sounded like, smelt like, and felt like. The descriptions help to create the atmosphere of each place and help to create feelings of isolation, emptiness, horror, fear, dread, and sadness

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