What does 'Britishness' mean?

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Lucy Cripps
What does 'Britishness' mean?
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ELT: Society
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First lesson
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A collaborative, visual starter which works well for a first lesson in a UK language school or for a course on British life and culture.

An extract from the teaching notes:

How it works

Step 1 Gathering ideas

Tell students that, as a class, they are going to decide what ‘being British’ means. Ask them: What do modern British people do, say, wear and think?

In small groups, students spend one minute at each table. During this one minute, they should write, in silence, as many ideas as they can about that concept onto the sheet. For example, in and around the triangle entitled ‘the Royal Family’ they might choose to add phrases such as funded by the taxpayer, good for tourism or outdated institution.

At the end of the activity, a spokesperson from each group reads out the ideas from their final table.

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