Macbeth Pursuit game

Last updated: 15/11/2023
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Based on the (simplified) rules of Trivial Pursuit, students play in groups of four against each other, answering revision questions to gain triangles or pieces of pie on a range of contextual topics relating to Macbeth. The topics include tragedy, Jacobean women, Shakespeare's life, King James I, witchcraft and the gunpowder plot.  

The first player to gain six triangles or pieces of pie wins. There is an individual playing board for each student to record their 'wins' and question cards (with answers). 

Great as a formative assessment activity or as a quick consolidation, revision task or learning check, this game is useful for collaborative learning and developing students' oracy skills as they have to provide extended answers to the questions. 

Instructions for players: 

  • Working in pairs (or in pairs in a group of four), take it in turns to select a topic (Tragedy, Jacobean women, Shakespeare’s life, etc.) and ask each other questions on the topic cards.
  • If you answer a question correctly, you can colour in the equivalent piece of pie.
  • The answers provided give general guidance – you aren’t looking for an exact match with what’s written, and other students may have a range of answers which are suitable for a particular question.

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