Opinions and comparisons: Le Concours Eurovision de la chanson

Last updated: 15/11/2023
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Opinions and comparisons: Le Concours Eurovision de la chanson
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In this complete lesson for key stage 3 French, students learn to express their opinions and make comparative sentences about music using entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

As a starter activity, students listen to extracts from five Eurovision songs and line up along a continuum to show their opinions. They then read a French student's opinions of the same songs and answer reading comprehension questions. Using the adjectives from the reading text, they make their own sentences about the songs.

Students then read a conversation in French comparing various Eurovision songs and identify the French expressions from their English translations. Again, they write their own sentences using the language chunks. They can then have a simple conversation expressing likes, dislikes and preferences with their partner.

This resource could be used as a follow-up to Countries and nationalities: Le Concours Eurovision de la chanson.


The reading text for the comparisons task:

Léa:     À mon avis, la chanson belge est plus joyeuse que la chanson maltaise.

Hugo:  Je suis d’accord. Elle est moins triste. Par contre, la chanson autrichienne est plus drôle que la chanson belge.

Léa:    Tu as raison. C’est la meilleure chanson.

Alex:   Je ne suis pas d’accord. La chanson arménienne est la meilleure.

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