Chronological order worksheet

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Paula Morgan
Chronological order worksheet
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What is History?: Transition resources
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Three tasks that can be used separately or in sequence to introduce new year 7 students to the concept of chronological order.

The first exercise is a multiple-choice task about the meaning of keywords such as 'decade', 'century' and 'millennium'. The second is a differentiated version with open questions instead of multiple-choice options that could also be used to reinforce learning from the first task. Both include a tip on how to work out centuries from dates, and dates from centuries.

The third activity is a timeline task in which students put key events from world history into the correct order, from 3000 BC to 2000 AD.

This chronology worksheet is suitable for use with a year 7 class at the start of the year or perhaps in a transition lesson with a visiting year 6 class.

Extracts from Task A:

1.   What is the meaning of the word ‘decade’?

a. five years   b. ten years   c. a hundred years

4.   What do the letters BC stand for?

a. British Century   b. Before Computers   c. Before Christ

7.   Which century was the year 1588 in?

a. 15th   b. 16th   c. 17th

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