How did Britain change during the Industrial Revolution?

Last updated: 15/11/2023
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How did Britain change during the Industrial Revolution? resource
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Industry and Empire c. 1750-1900: Industrial Revolution
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Complete lesson
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Concepts and methods
Continuity and change

This is the first in a mini scheme of six Industrial Revolution lessons. It gives sets the historical context of the changes and has students identify three key trends – industrialisation, mechanisation and urbanisation – and how they would have affected people's lives. Students then sort information about agriculture, buildings, industry and transport into three time periods, before, during and after the Industrial Revolution.

The other resources in the series are:

2. What made the Industrial Revolution possible?

3. Why was population important to the Industrial Revolution?

4. What was so industrial about the Industrial Revolution?

5. How were children used in the Industrial Revolution?

6. How did trains change Britain in the Industrial Revolution?

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