Last one standing: French present tense regular verbs

Last updated: 15/11/2023
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Last one standing: French present tense regular verbs
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This 'last one standing' game is a fun way of consolidating French present tense regular verbs with -er, -ir and -re. It includes some negatives with pas and some questions without inversion.

The game consists of 30 sentences in French, one for each student. (Sentences can be duplicated for larger classes, and more-able students can be given more than one sentence.) Students start by working out the meaning of their sentence/sentences and then stand up. The teacher reads out the sentences at random, and when a student hears their sentence, they sit down. The winner is the last player left standing.

Students then have the opportunity to find the French translations of some of the adverbials in the sentences and to do a gap-fill of verb forms for all persons, singular and plural – a task that will be good practice for the Foundation tier grammar task in the AQA writing exam (2024 spec) – before translating the sentences into English.

The resource is suitable for key stage 3 and key stage 4 learners.

An extract from the 30 sentences:

  1.  Lucas remplit son verre d’eau.
  1.  Tu descends la montagne à pied.
  1.  Le prof attend la réponse, mais ils ne répondent pas.
  1.  Mes parents travaillent dans un bureau en ville.
  1.  Nous choisissons un cadeau pour notre mère.
  1.  Elle cherche un nouveau livre à la bibliothèque.
  1.  Vous réussissez l’examen de français.

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