Planes de futuro

Last updated: 30/05/2022
Planes de futuro
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Holidays and transport: Holidays and accommodation
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Complete lesson

A challenging and thought-provoking lesson for GCSE students. As well as practising the future tenses for talking about plans, it explores ways of using inclusive language in Spanish, such as using both the masculine and feminine forms of plural nouns for referring to mixed-gender groups (e.g. 'las hijas y los hijos' instead just 'los hijos') and using inclusive pronouns such as 'vosotrxs'.

The PowerPoint includes a pyramid translation that practises the simple future tense.

The context of celebrating the end of exams makes this resource particularly suitable as an end-of-term activity.

An extract from the worksheet:

Task 5: Inclusive language

Look again at Ana’s message and calendar from Task 1. There are four ways in which Spanish is developing strategies to be a more inclusive language. Can you spot them?

Clue: they are ways of referring to groups of mixed genders.

  1. compañeros                                      
  2. todos                                                 
  3. vosotros                                            
  4. las chicas                                          

Now check your answers on the PowerPoint.

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