French A-level translation: La vie de couple, nouvelles tendances

Last updated: 15/11/2023
French A-level translation: La vie de couple, nouvelles tendances
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Social trends: Family trends
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This A-level French translation worksheet on the topic of new trends in relationships includes practice with the prepositions à and de and with the imperfect tense.

The worksheet was written with the AQA specification in mind, but it is also suitable for the Edexcel sub-theme 'Les changements dans les attitudes envers le mariage, les couples et la famille'. It covers religious weddings, le PACS and same-sex marriage, unmarried couples, divorce and being single.

Students translate individual sentences from French to English, followed by a paragraph of 90 words. Answers are included.

An extract from the paragraph:

Aujourd’hui, les couples se marient beaucoup moins qu’auparavant. Le PACS est une bonne formule pour les personnes qui ne souhaitent pas s’engager dans le mariage. Il y a peu de différence entre le mariage et le PACS et ce nouveau type d’engagement reflète l’évolution de notre mode de vie.

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