Halloween word problems

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Halloween word problems
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Maths: Problem solving
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Student activity

Add some spooky fun to your maths lessons with this Halloween maths activity. Featuring 12 Halloween-themed word problems, students can practise using their problem-solving skills to answer questions involving fractions, percentages, ratios and more.

This activity is available as a printable worksheet that can be completed independently or a PowerPoint that can be used for a whole class quiz. Simply choose the best option for your class.

Sample questions:

1. A recipe for witches' brew calls for 1/2 cup of frog legs and 3/4 cup of bat wings. How much of each ingredient is needed to make 6 cups of the brew?

2. A haunted house charges £8 per person for entry. If 125 people visit in one night, how much money is collected?

3. Sarah goes trick or treating and collects 42 sweets, and she wants to give 1/3 of them to her friend. How many sweets will her friend receive?

4. There are a total of 5 ghosts in a haunted house and 2 ghosts haunt the attic. What percentage of the ghosts haunt the rest of the house?

5. A witch has 72 spiders. If she divides them equally between 6 cauldrons, how many spiders are in each cauldron?

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