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Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: David Harrison
KS2 athletics planning
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A scheme of work to help you deliver a series of six athletics lessons aligned to the key stage 2 National Curriculum for PE.

These PE lesson plans focus on a range of athletics activities, including the long jump, the high jump and running techniques for both sprinting short distances and completing long-distance runs.

The lesson plans include ideas for learning objectives, warm-ups, main activities, plenaries, teaching points, success criteria and AfL.

A great starting point for inspiration for PE lessons in the summer term.

A sample lesson:

Learning outcome: To complete the high jump using the scissor jump technique.

Warm up: Teacher led warm up of cardio and stretching. Question children about the importance of warming up and stretching.

Main activity: Children will work one at a time to perform a high jump using the scissor jump technique. This will be modelled first. (Safety note: aim to land on feet or bottoms to avoid spinal injuries.) Record each child’s height jumped, then increase/decrease the height as needed.

Teaching point: Run from a diagonal position towards the pole, lift one foot over the pole and perform a ‘scissor movement’ then the second leg will follow as with hurdles. Drive forward with knees.

Success criteria:

  • Run the full distance of the run-up diagonally.

  • Lift the leading foot up above the pole.

  • Bring the trail leg over.

  • Drive both legs using the knee, not the toes.

  • Land on feet or bottoms, not back.

Plenary and AfL: Pupil-led cool-down activity, supervised by teacher. Run through teaching points while cooling down.

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