GCSE biology video: specialised animal cells

Last updated: 15/11/2023
GCSE biology video: specialised animal cells
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Biology: Cells
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This engaging GCSE biology video clip focuses on the following specialised animal cells:

  • sperm cells
  • egg cells
  • ciliated epithelial cells

and on the function of each feature or organelle. It includes animated diagrams to show the structure and organelles of each type of cell, helping to make the information clear and memorable.

The video lasts just under four minutes and can be downloaded in MP4 format or played from within the PowerPoint. A worksheet with answers is also provided.

An extract from the answers to the worksheet:

Sperm cell 

Carries male DNA to female egg cell (ovum)

Haploid nucleus

Contains the genetic material


Carries enzymes that enable the sperm to penetrate the egg


Release energy for the sperm to swim


Propels the sperm cell

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