Narrow reading: leer

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Contributor: Vicki Brownlee
Narrow reading: leer
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Vocabulary learning

A narrow reading worksheet for GCSE Spanish students on the topic of reading as a free-time activity. As well as revising vocabulary for different book genres, it's a great way of recycling key structures such as 'Me interesan mucho los/las ...' and 'En esto momento estoy leyendo ...'. It also encourages students to work out the meaning of a phrase that may be unfamiliar ('ratón de biblioteca').

Students read four similar texts and identify the parts that are the same. The chunks that are identical in each text can then be used as a gapped writing frame to help students write their own paragraph about reading.

One of the texts from this activity:

Me llamo Alejandro y soy el mayor ratón de biblioteca de mi familia. Leo cada noche y me interesan mucho las biografías y las novelas de amor. En este momento estoy leyendo una biografía de Katie Price. Prefiero leer en mi Kindle o en una aplicación en el móvil porque es fácil y más barato.

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