Vacaciones en familia

Last updated: 15/11/2023
Vacaciones en familia
Main Subject
Key stage
Me, my family and friends: Family
Resource type
Complete lesson
Pronunciation and phonics
Vocabulary learning

This resource is intended for year 8 students. It presents an inclusive model of a family unit, with two fathers and two adopted children.

The activities practise:

  • reading/listening for specific information
  • pronunciation of ‘ja’, ‘je = ge’, ‘ji = gi’, ‘jo’ and ‘ju’
  • vocabulary for family members and holidays
  • the immediate future
  • reflexive verbs.

A French version is also available: Vacances en famille

An extract from the worksheet:

Task 2: reading and translation

Spot the 10 errors in the English translation. Correct them if you can.

Este verano nosotros vamos a ir a la costa. Vamos a quedarnos quince días en un camping. Vamos a estar muy cerca de la playa de Gijón. Mi padre Germán va a ir a pescar con mi hermano José y yo voy a ir a nadar con mi padre Javier.

This summer, I am going to go to the coast. We are going to stay fourteen days in a youth hostel. We are going to be very near the sea in Gijón. My dad Germán is going to go fishing with my sister and I am going to go surfing with my dad Javier.


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