Teaching ideas – physics equations

Author: Teachit
Published: 21/11/2017

Students now have to learn and be able to apply a long set of physics equations for the new 9-1 GCSE. We have some resources that should help.

Teaching ideas

To help students get to grips with rearranging equations try Maths skills in Science – rearranging equations.

A useful set of cards to reinforce students recall of equations. They can also be used as an aid to help students rearrange equations to change the subject. Maths skills in Science – physics equations.

Give students a copy of the 'Physics equation sheet' for their notes or chop up for a matching activity. The equations have gaps on the second table to challenge students to complete them.

The resource 'Physics equations flashcards' can be used as a reference resource for students or to check students recall of the correct equation to use for particular questions.