Subscription schools

What is a Teachit school subscription?

A Teachit school subscription offers your school/department full access to teaching materials within your chosen subject to help your teachers feel supported and save them time, ensuring they are using quality teaching resources to engage students and improve outcomes.

Why a Teachit school subscription is the right choice for your school

Teacher at school
  • A Teachit subscription is a straightforward and cost-effective way for your school/MAT/department to provide credible and trusted support to your time-poor teachers.
  • A Teachit subscription will save your teachers time by providing the teaching materials they need in one place.
  • Teachit prioritises quality assurance and has a robust editorial process, ensuring teachers can feel confident that materials have been vetted and checked by subject matter experts with years of classroom experience. Our resources are created by teachers for further peace of mind.
  • Teachit's partnerships with well-established and trusted education companies mean your teachers will access consistently high-quality materials that are not readily found on peer-to-peer or free resource sites.

What do you get with a Teachit school subscription?

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Unlimited premium access for the school’s or department’s teachers to thousands of high-quality, edited and checked resources, including:

  • Worksheets, lesson plans, PowerPoints and student activities
  • Schemes of learning and complete teaching units with our extensive collection of teaching packs 
  • Revision workbooks and homework packs
  • An editable year planner with links to resources
  • Curriculum planning materials (excluding Maths)
  • Resources to support wellbeing and self-care
  • CPD advice from experts and thought leaders
  • Resources from AQA, OUP and other trusted partners in education
  • Excellent customer support

What teachers are saying

“There never seems to be enough time in the day but Teachit helps me keep my head above water. If I’m feeling in need of a quick fix lesson plan or scheme of work, Teachit is my first port of call. I also love the fact that I can tweak the resources to suit my own teaching style and the personality of the classes I teach. Without Teachit I’d be lost.”

Claire Riach, Comonweal School, Swindon

Our partners

Content and marketing partners include well-established education companies:
  • BBC (Teachit is one of the BBC’s preferred providers of teaching and learning content)
  • Oxford University Press (Teachit is one of OUP’s preferred providers of teaching and learning content)
  • Oxford Reading Tree resources
  • AQA resources
  • Diversity and inclusion resources
  • Merlin Schools London
  • Migration Museum
  • The English Association
  • Geographical Association
  • Festival of Education
  • BETT Show


Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

  • We’ve made signing up and getting started easy. Create your Teachit account, choose level and subject (only for secondary), choose the number of teacher logins you require, and complete the payment online.
  • Teachers will be notified by email with information on how to sign into their individual accounts.

Which resources are included?

  • All of them within your subject! Teachers get unlimited access to the full library of resources within your chosen subject. We have new resources added every month by our team. We also have excellent customer support if you ever need us.

How do I add teachers to my account?

  • Using your admin login, you can always add, edit, or remove each teacher account. This is done in the admin’s ‘My Account’ area.

Can we pause our renewal?

  • Yes, at any time you can cancel your account. This will stop your renewal from occurring.

How long do plans run for?

  • A school subscription to Teachit lasts for a year, after that your subscription will automatically renew. We’ll contact the administrator of the account before the renewal date as a reminder.

Can we be invoiced?

  • We encourage you to subscribe using our online checkout but if you need to be invoiced, please send a purchase order to