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Thousands of subject leads choose a department subscription. Here's why:

  • Quality Educational Resources
  • Time and Stress Savings
  • Adaptability and Customisation
  • To stay in control and current

Every teacher in the department gains access to a comprehensive collection of resources - exam-board and curriculum aligned.

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Teachit Secondary English

12 month department subscription
  • 5,500+ KS3, KS4 and KS5 curriculum-aligned resources
  • personal logins for all your team members
  • full and part units of learning with objective mapping at KS4
  • materials from AQA, Pearson and OUP
  • flexible games and templates
  • starters, plenaries, homework tasks and complete lessons
  • revision activities and exam-style questions
  • targeted intervention support for secondary English
  • adaptable worksheets and PowerPoints
  • CPD webinars and advice from experts and thought leaders
  • staff recruitment platform
  • all English teaching packs are included (worth £690+)

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What teachers are saying

Commonweal school
Claire Riach, Commonweal School, Swindon
“There never seems to be enough time in the day but Teachit helps me keep my head above water. If I’m feeling in need of a quick-fix lesson plan or scheme of work, Teachit is my first port of call. I also love the fact that I can tweak the resources to suit my own teaching style and the personality of the classes I teach. Without Teachit I’d be lost.”
Nottingham Girls' High School
Carole Bourachot, Head of French, The Girls' Day School Trust
“We use Teachit languages a lot in our faculty as it enables us to minimise the time spent of preparation of resources. The resources are well-suited for the board we use at GCSE too. We use Teachit languages for the teaching of grammar at KS3 as there are some good grammar powerpoints. Overall it is a timesaver and a good source of homework.”
Loreto College Coleraine
Caragh Little, Head of English, Loreto College Coleraine
“'Readily available resources, whether for myself or for colleagues, especially new/ less experienced colleagues. Also very useful to be able to get resources for cover lessons/ medium-term supply teachers. I have downloaded many of the teaching packs available as part of the subscription and have also bought sets of posters for my classroom and department.”
The National Teaching & Advisory Service Ltd
Laura Goodhew, The National Teaching & Advisory Service Ltd
“As a company, we find Teachit science really useful because it saves recreating resources that already exist.Teachit resources are usually of a high standard and can be used straight away or edited/adapted to the needs of our students. I recommend its use across our company on a regular basis to other tutors as a valuable time saving resource.”
South and City College Birmingham
Tahmina Begum, Lecturer, South and City College Birmingham
“Teachit geography is great, I use the resources and worksheets and the pupils really enjoy it. I have been using for 2 years and have found everything I need in the spec I am teaching.”
Saint Kentigern College
Bridget Anitelea, Head of History & Head of Girls Boarding, Saint Kentigern College
“Teachit is great for giving my staff access to relevant teaching resources applicable to our historical contexts. The quality of sources is great and the site is very easy to navigate.”
Furze Platt Senior School
Deborah Jack, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Furze Platt Senior School
“A variety of tasks across all language learning skills which cover a wide range of topics, appropriate for different levels of ability.”
Cambridge International School
Sara Inayat, Faculty Leader for English, Cambridge International School
“Teachit resources are useful in planning and assigning specific tasks for intervention.”
Cornelius Vermuyden School
Assistant Head Teacher, Cornelius Vermuyden School
“Teachit resources are excellent quality and give you everything you need to teach a lesson. I’d definitely recommend it!”

Interested in a whole-school solution for your school?

Whole-school subscriptions include all secondary subjects. The whole-school package offers a saving of 40%.

Department subscription

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

  • We’ve made signing up and getting started easy. Create your Teachit account, choose your level and subject (only for secondary), choose the number of teacher logins you require, and complete the payment online.
  • Teachers will be notified by email with information about how to sign into their individual accounts.

Which resources are included?

  • All the resources within your chosen subject(s)! Your team will get unlimited access to the full library of resources within your chosen subject(s). New resources are added each month and you'll also receive excellent customer support should you ever need us.

How do I add teachers to my account?

  • Using your admin login, you can add, edit, or remove a teacher account at any time via your admin’s ‘My Account’ area.

Can we pause our renewal?

  • Yes, you can cancel at any time. This will stop your renewal from occurring.

How long do plans run for?

  • A school subscription to Teachit lasts for a year, after which time your subscription will automatically renew. We’ll contact the administrator of the account before the renewal date as a reminder.

Can we be invoiced?

  • We encourage you to subscribe using our online checkout but if you need to be invoiced, please send a purchase order to